This note documents computers that have been found to have compatibility issues with the ASI5700, ASI5800, ASI6700 and BLU-PCI series sound cards.  If there is a fix to the issue, then it is noted as well.


HP z240

ISSUE: The soundcard will not be initialized by the computer and will not be “seen” by the AudioScience drivers.  The LEDs on the top of the card will continuously flash about once every 2seconds.

FIX: The BIOS of the z240 has a setting under Advanced called Early PCIe Delay.  The default value of this is Disabled.  It must be set to Enable in order for the sound card to be recognized and the AudioScience drivers loaded correctly.

HP EliteDesk 800 G3

ISSUE: Cards will function properly for some time but may drop off the system unexpectedly. Often they will show in ASIControl as ASI#0000 or Adapter Unavailable. This may also create a large number of “Microsoft-Windows-WHEA-Logger” errors in Windows Event Viewer.

FIX: The BIOS of the EliteDesk series (and possibly other HP systems) has a setting that allows it to manage the power settings of the PCI(e) bus. These options are incompatible with the chips used on our cards. We recommend you turn off this setting in the system BIOS. Go to the Advanced tab -> Power Management Options -> PCI Express Power Management and turn it off (unclick it). Then reboot your system.

System BIOS

ISSUE: Cards will function properly for some time but may drop off the system unexpectedly.

FIX: Disable any BIOS options related to power saving for the PCI(e) bus. As there are many different ways manufacturer implement these features it is difficult to detail how to do this for all users. We recommend contacting your system manufacturer if there are no obvious options for this in your BIOS. At this time there is a compatibility issue with the chip used on our card and these BIOS features.

ISSUE: Cards will not start or show in operating system

FIX: Some recent system BIOS include options for setting the "generation" for PCI(e) cards. Usually these are set to "Auto" by default but we have found that some systems do not correctly read the level required for our cards. We recommend you change this setting to "Gen 1" for the PCI(e) slot you have our products installed if your system is not starting the card correctly.