You can install more than one AudioScience in a system to expand your capabilities. To do so, each card must have a unique adapter ID.

Cards are shipped out from our facility set to 1.

Depending on the adapter family, there are different ways of setting the adapter index.


Rotary dial method:

For ASI5300, ASI6300, ASI8700, and ASI8900 families, there is a small rotary dial at the top of the card that sets the adapter number.  Position 0 (zero) represents adapter #1, position 1 is adapter #2, etc.

Adapter Index switch set to Adapter #1

Jumper method:

For most newer cards, there is a set of jumpers located in the top left section of the card (when holding it so the label faces you and is readable)  Move the  jumper to the next set of pins to the right - this is position 2.  If you need adapter number 3 or 4, simply move the jumper to the next set of pins to the right or the right-most set of pins.

 Adapter Jumper set to Adapter #1