Scenario: I have a CobraNet card installed but the "Configure CobraNet" in ASIControl is grayed out.

Solution: If you're running Windows, here are some things to check to see why you're unable to configure your AudioScience CobraNet product - all must be in place:

1) The network driver option must be selected when installing our driver (the second option when EXE is run). Open ASIControl and look at the top title bar - it will say whether the PCI(e) driver or PCI(e) + Network driver is installed. If it says PCI(e), rerun the driver install EXE and select the Network option.

2) In ASIControl, you must go to Options-->Configure adapter interface, then select Local PCI(e) + Networked adapters.

3) The CobraNet card needs to be plugged into the CobraNet network via an Ethernet cable.

4) The PC that the CobraNet card is in must be connected to same CobraNet network via its NIC and an Ethernet cable.

With all of the above in place, you should see an IP address for the CobraNet card in the top of ASIControl and you can now configure it. (You may need to close and reopen ASIControl.)

If the above does not work for some reason, you can run Cirrus Logic's CobraNet Discovery (CNDisco) to see if the AudioScience CobraNet card shows up with an IP address in it. If so, you can configure the CobraNet card using CNDisco. If you are still having issues, please send a detailed email to