This note covers updating the firmware on a Hono AVB Custom and the Hono AVB Mini series.  Models covered are the Hono AVB 2.2M, 2.2D, 4.4M and 4.4D and Hono AVB Custom ASI2620. 



  • AudioScience Hono AVB device (network accessible)
  • ASIControl software
  • Browser
  • Firmware update file (should have similar naming to asi_hono_avb_debug_#.#.#.bin.gz)
    • Note: You can find firmware files on our website on the product page for your unit.
  • The IP address of unit.


Procedure for getting the IP address


  1. Make sure ASIControl is available.
  2. Power up the Hono AVB device.
  3. Open ASIControl, confirm that the Hono AVB device is accessible.
  4. Locate the unit’s IP address in the top section of ASIControl (a DHCP server on the network can be used to assign an IP address, otherwise the device will auto assign itself a address).
  5. Open your web browser and enter the IP address into the address bar.






The Linux/OSX method uses ZeroConf/Bonjour to lookup up the device’s IP address. Linux should have Avahi installed.


Open a web browser and type asi2614-73393.local in the URL box (where 73393 would be replaced with the serial number of the target Hono AVB device).


Firmware Update

  1. Click the “Firmware update” option.
  2. Click the “Browse” button, the “File Upload” box will appear. Locate the new firmware file (it will be a *.gz file) on your desktop and click “Open”.  This will show up in place of the “No file selected” text next to the “Browse” button.  Click “Upload” to upload it to the device.



3.   When the file upload is complete, “Firmware update report” will show in the browser window, the device will reboot and after about 60 seconds it will be ready for use. Click the “reload” button to refresh your browser. You can confirm the firmware update was completed by comparing the “Running Firmware Revision” info to the filename you uploaded